Κωδικός προϊόντος: GR-COF-MEX Κατηγορία:


20.85/τιμή με ΦΠΑ
Οι τιμές είναι χονδρικής (χωρίς ΦΠΑ)
SCA Score: Unknown
Αρωματικές νότες: Unknown
Χώρα: Mexico
Περιοχή: Chiapas
Τοπική Περιοχή: Soconusco
Φάρμα: Finca Irlanda
Παραγωγός: Walter Peters
Είδος: Robusta
Μέθοδος Επεξεργασίας: Natural
Υψόμετρο: 1100
Περιόδος συλλογής: February - May
Τρόπος συλλογής: Manual

Finca Irlanda, in Chiapas, is the first biodynamic coffee farm in the world. The Finca Irlanda cascara on offer is certified Organic and Demeter, guaranteeing a pesticide-free cascara! This is a natural coffee cascara. To obtain it, you need to wait for the coffee to dry completely. Once dry, after the cherries have been hulled, the hull is passed through a column of air, whose blast separates the cascara from the remaining parchment by density. We are lucky enough to be able to offer you some of this cascara for drinking. Another part remains on the farm and is used to nourish the soil of Finca Irlandas other crops (coffee, cocoa, vanilla, turmeric, etc.) in a completely natural way. A real virtuous circle!

Βάρος Μ/Δ

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